Cloudy sunny day

Wonderful day today…bright and blue and a few clouds hanging around like cotton rolls on a blue floor..

Im feeling cynical from the morn…but not so cynical at the same time

finished reading a book called adrian mole: the wilderness years.

full of sexplicit details of a failed man…funny book that one.

Ahh only hope mum doesn’t find this as im not going to have her think i read C grade british books which contain words like ‘sex’ or ‘suspenders’…

hope lives on.

Wrote a poem untitled..

came out horribly and also explained why it come out horribly..

Went for math tuition..found out i have to work harder to get into my school again for 11 and 12 grade.

Have to start studying chemistry..

have to eat frozen chocolate lying in the freezer.

wore colour dress to school today..and is pissed off with the spell check….because ‘colour’ is not accepted but ‘color’ is….im not american you idiot!

apologises to spell check..(and finds out that apologises is not allowed but apologizes is allowed)

have to work on guitar….poor polly is being abandoned thanks to the miasma of  peer pressure circulating in my room screaming..”study!study!study!’.

annoyed that im a bugging teenager.(i’m clearly trying not to swear)


I sit I write

I stand I write

I eat I write

I breathe I write

But when I write I’m not so bright

and thus I don’t really write so right

I have all these weird notions

criticisms on face lotions

My head explodes like a marching band

but stops when the music comes to my hand

Rains of thoughts flood me

droughts of words dry me

In the end I shrink

to catastrophic levels

and write about bowels.(blech!)


loch ness!

My basic writing ethos

is filled with only pathos

Heck! I can’t even reproduce

two lines off of king bruce

or write about shakespeares

without inducing tears

But i will continue writing

I admit its quite exciting

And i’ll stop this pitiful ballad



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