No one in this entire world has used the cigarette so articulately and so ish-tylishly as rajnikanth.

No one in this world is at par with chuck norris except for rajnikanth.

No one has gotten  more pal-abhishekhams from the fanatic movie-watching,rajni-saar loving crowd of tamil nadu (basically all of its population)

No one can pottuthali-fy gundas and meditate in some unknown cave in the himalayas at the same time..

A tribute to the person who is so powerful at entertaining people and yet so humble.

You may not be the best actor sir! but no one can beat the “yen vazhi…thani vazhi” (my way is a different way)

happy birthday….(we celebrated your birthday at little italy do you know that?)



2 Responses to “Jujubi…”

  1. talkingpotato Says:

    Thalaivaaaaa! 😀

  2. RajniKanth(not) Says:

    Ayo! Fangirl!

    go buy some more posters. o_O

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